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Hello. aGogh is the sequel to I Heart NY Museums with a few additions...basically, additional cities not named "New York" and different colors. Like its prequel, aGogh isn't quite finished. But the weather was getting nicer and I wanted the list online so I could use it myself. Feel free to use it as a reference, but use the helpfully included official website links to double-check the information.

If you're a cultural institution and want to add or correct what we have listed for you, feel free to email me at dan@agogh.com. If you're not currently listed, don't be offended, many, many great places haven't been included for lack of time, and I will be constantly updating the site, hopefully on a near-daily basis.

I'm also constructing a way, using the Google Spreadsheets API, to let any employee (with junior-high-level Excel skills) of an institution edit their information and event calendar for aGogh. Besides using this to populate aGogh, I'm aiming to provide RSS feeds of the listings for you to use for your own site.

Bookmark our blog, Twitter (@artagogh), and Facebook for the latest updates. -Dan

Mission statement

At aGogh, we are devoted to increasing attention to the arts and culture of our cities. To that end, we aim to curate a comprehensive guide to the most interesting sites and events.


Someone on Reddit was wishing there were a list of all the free hours at New York museums and so I made one. I also included the non-free hours, because most of these places are worth a fee, especially when they aren't as crowded as they are on free days.

The iheartnymuseums.com site was basically a weekend hack, though, consisting of some sloppy Ruby code reading a Google spreadsheet and spitting out even sloppier HTML (if the site was viewable on anything but Google Chrome or Firefox, that would've been a miracle). During the long process of getting all the museum info, I realized a one-page site couldn't fit all the relevant information, and so I set about building a legit Ruby on Rails site. And since I went through all that trouble, I figured I should add just a few cities for the fun of it.

I settled on aGogh for now, just because I love Vincent van Gogh's work and any phrase with the word "go" has long been swiped up as a web domain.

Hopefully, saying the name as "agogh...a...gogh, as in, the painter, dot com" is enough for people to spell it correctly. Even those who can pronounce his name correctly.

There's already a lot of good art world/visitors guide sites out there. But after experiencing the painful, befuddling process of navigating the 200+ museum and gallery websites to put aGogh together, I'm pretty sure there's room on the internets for a site that makes it easy to find the interesting places – and what times they're actually open.

There's plenty more ways for aGogh to expand, but I'd like it foremost to be a clean and curated guide.


Dan Nguyen

Editor, Creative Director, Photographer, Twitterer

Dan has attended a FIT class and now maintains a Twitter account. He is a developer at ProPublica and also blogs at danwin.com.

Bookmark our blog, Twitter (@artagogh), and Facebook for the latest updates.

aGogh is a curated guide of city culture. We're still in alpha mode; the information here is presented as is: far-from complete and in the process of being compiled. In the meantime, we hope you find the listings useful as we continue to grow. Read more about aGogh or visit our blog.

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Most of aGogh's listings have been hand-compiled. If your favorite institution isn't on here, it's only because we haven't yet got to it. If you're a proprietor or an employee of a place and would like to be listed, email hello@agogh.com.