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Sun. 9 AM–6 PM
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Jan Luijkenstraat 1
Amsterdam, Amsterdam 1071 CJ
(0)20 6747000

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Rijksmuseum as seen from the Museumplein
The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (website) is a Museum in Amsterdam. Its branches include: Rijksmuseum Schiphol.
Official description from Rijksmuseum Amsterdam:
When the Rijksmuseum was opened to the public for the first time in 1800 as the Nationale Konstgallerij (National Art Gallery), it was housed in the Huis ten Bosch in The Hague and the collection consisted primarily of paintings. In 1808 it moved to Amsterdam, where it was to be seen first in the Palace on Dam Square and later in the Trippenhuis on Kloveniersburgwal. The present building came into use in 1885. At that point the Nederlandsch Museum voor Geschiedenis en Kunst (Netherlands Museum for History and Art), formerly in The Hague, was added to the Rijksmuseum, forming the basis for the collections of Dutch History and Sculpture and Applied Art.
Dan's opinion:
Apparently visitors can explore the gardens here for free.
Wikipedia excerpt:
The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam or simply Rijksmuseum (English: State Museum) is a Dutch national museum in Amsterdam, located on the Museumplein. The museum is dedicated to arts, crafts, and history. It has a large collection of paintings from the Dutch Golden Age and a substantial collection of Asian art. It also displays the stern of the HMS Royal Charles which was captured in the Raid on the Medway, and the Hartog plate. The museum was founded in 1800 in The Hague to exhibit the collections of the Dutch stadtholders. It was inspired by French example. By then it was known as the National Art Gallery (Dutch: Nationale Kunst-Gallerij). In 1808 the museum moved to Amsterdam on the orders of king Louis Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon Bonaparte. The paintings owned by that city, such as The Night Watch by Rembrandt, became part of the collection.

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Current Exhibitions

Now Ongoing
While the restoration of the main building is underway, the Rijksmuseum is displaying the crème de la crème of its permanent collection in the newly furnished Philips Wing.
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