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Sun. 11 AM–5 PM
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Fri. 11 AM–7 PM
Sat. 11 AM–7 PM
10899 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, Los Angeles 90024

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Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, California, USA. Architect Edward Larrabee Barnes.
The Hammer Museum (website) is a Museum in Los Angeles.
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The Hammer Museum explores the capacity of art to impact and illuminate our lives. Through its collections, exhibitions and programs, the Hammer examines the depth and diversity of artistic expression through the centuries with a special emphasis on art of our time. At the core of the Hammer's mission is the recognition that artists play a crucial role in all aspects of human experience. The Hammer advances UCLA’s mission by contributing to the intellectual life of the University and the world beyond.

The Museum is positioned—both physically and metaphorically—at the gateway between the city of Los Angeles and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The Museum is the entry through which the general public can gain access to the diverse riches of the University community. Meanwhile, through the programs and exhibitions of the Museum, UCLA students gain first-hand exposure to the larger world of creative human endeavors. UCLA’s mandate of pursuing cutting-edge research within the sciences and the humanities is reflected in the Hammer Museum’s renowned exhibitions and programs. We approach the arts with the same quest for knowledge, discovery, and understanding that guides the scientist, engineer, or anthropologist. We see it as our mission to pursue the margins, explore unknown territory, rediscover the familiar, and take risks.

Wikipedia excerpt:
The Armand Hammer Museum of Art and Culture Center, or the Hammer Museum as it is more commonly known, is an art museum in the Westwood district of Los Angeles, California. It is operated by UCLA's School of the Arts and Architecture. The museum was founded by Armand Hammer, the late CEO of the Occidental Petroleum Corporation, as a venue to exhibit his extensive art collection. Mr. Hammer died 15 days after the museum opened to the public in November 1990. Mr. Hammer was a Los Angeles County Museum of Art board member for nearly 20 years, beginning in 1968, and during this time had pledged his extensive collection to the museum. To LACMA's surprise, Hammer instead founded his own museum, built adjacent to Occidental's headquarters and designed by architect Edward Larrabee Barnes.

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Current Exhibitions

Feb 12, 2011 – May 22, 2011
Since the early 1990’s, Richard Hawkins has developed an emphatically diverse art practice that resists easy classification.
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