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Monthly Free Days
  • 1st Sundays 10 AM–4 PM
2002 North Main Street
Santa Ana, Los Angeles 92706

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Entrance to the Bowers Museum
The Bowers (website) is a Museum in Los Angeles.
Official description from Bowers:
Founded in 1936 by the City of Santa Ana through a bequest from Charles and Ada Bowers, the Bowers Museum is one of California's finest and Orange County's largest museums. In 1986, the museum closed its doors for a period of self-study. In response to community needs and input, it reopened in 1992 as a new cultural center, and expanded children's programming in 1994 with the opening of the Kidseum. The museum also recently celebrated the grand opening of the 30,000+ square-foot Dorothy and Donald Kennedy Wing in February 2007. To achieve its mission, the Bowers offers exhibitions, lectures, art classes, travel programs, children's art education programs, and other special community programs.
Wikipedia excerpt:
The Bowers Museum is located in Santa Ana, California, in Orange County. The museum offers exhibitions, lectures, art classes, travel programs, children’s art and music education programs, and other community events. The museum's guiding philosophy is to help people learn about other cultures through their arts, and offer a greater understanding of ourselves and appreciation of the world in which we live. The museum's name comes from Charles Bowers, a late 1800s Orange County land developer, who donated the land on which it stands to the City of Santa Ana. The building was constructed in 1931, after the death of Ada Bowers (Charles's wife) who left the property unoccupied. The new building remained empty for four years after because the Great Depression prevented the city from paying any operating funds.

Promotional images for exhibits from Bowers official site

Current Exhibitions

Now Ongoing
Photographer Chris Rainier guest curates this exhibition of art from the South Pacific. Spanning the geographic region collectively referred to as Oceania, this comprehensive exhibition highlights masterworks from the three cultural regions of Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia.
Now Ongoing
Many of the museum’s most important and iconic portraits, Impressionist, and plein air works, from the 1850s to1930s, are presented in the exhibition and cover a range of subjects that include landscapes, coastal scenes, still life images, and portraits of artists and prominent figures.

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