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Sun. 11 AM–5 PM
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Fri. 11 AM–5 PM
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307 Cliff Drive
Laguna Beach, Los Angeles 92651
(949) 494 8971

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The Laguna Art Museum (website) is a Museum in Los Angeles.
Official description from Laguna Art Museum:

The Museum’s exhibitions, catalogs, and educational activities illustrate an ongoing examination of California art, which includes historical and contemporary art as well as regionally important influences, such as car and surf culture. Through collections, publications, and research on the art of California, Laguna Art Museum promotes understanding of the role of California art and artists in the development of the visual arts nationally and internationally.

Laguna Art Museum is a museum of American art with a special focus on the art of California. Its purpose is to provide the public with exposure to art and to promote understanding of the role of art and artists in American culture through collection, conservation, exhibition, research, scholarship and education. Working within the tradition of the oldest cultural institution in Orange County, Laguna Art Museum documents regional art and places it in a national context. The Museum maintains its historic ties to the community and is responsive, accessible, and relevant to the area’s diverse population.

Founded in 1918 by a small group of painters who settled in Laguna Beach, the Laguna Beach Art Association developed an exhibition space in which to introduce the best current works being produced by artists in the area. This early emphasis on supporting artists in the region has been an integral part of Laguna Art Museum throughout its history.

Wikipedia excerpt:
The Laguna Art Museum is a museum located in Laguna Beach, California on Pacific Coast Highway. WoW: Emergent Media Phenomenon is displayed at the museum from 14 June to 4 October 2009. The museum recently presented a major retrospective on the artist Roger Edward Kuntz.

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Current Exhibitions

Feb 13, 2011 – May 15, 2011
Brad Coleman: Reproductions is an attentive look at one series of drawings, Coleman’s Sheep series. Upon first glance, the upper gallery appears to be occupied by twelve identical drawings of one sheep image.
Feb 27, 2011 – May 15, 2011
Exemplar twentieth century works from the Permanent Collection ranging from impressionism to modernism.
Apr 25, 2011 – Apr 30, 2011
Laguna Art Museum’s exhibition Best Kept Secret will bring together the work of these seminal artists from this critical period, drawing connections among their work and contextualizing it in light of other historical developments in California and in the rest of the nation.
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