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Sun. 12 PM–4 PM
Mon. Closed
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Wed. 11 AM–4 PM
Thu. 11 AM–4 PM
Fri. 11 AM–4 PM
Sat. 11 AM–4 PM
4881 Broadway
Manhattan, New York 10034
(212) 304-9422

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The Dyckman House Museum (website) is a Museum in New York.
Official description from Dyckman House Museum:
Dyckman Farmhouse Museum tells the story of rural Northern Manhattan, a landscape and a lifestyle that disappeared in the transformation from farming community to urban neighborhood. Through the story of the Dyckman family and farm the museum explores life in early 19th century rural Manhattan and the preservation of that memory in the early 20th century. The history of the Dyckman Farmhouse includes a fascinating transformation from Farm to City. The Dyckman Farmhouse has been located on the same site since it was built c. 1784. The family lived in the farmhouse until the 1850's and owned the house until 1871. In 1915, two Dyckman sisters bought the farmhouse in order to ensure its preservation. They, along with their husbands, restored the site and presented it to the city in 1916. It has been opened to the public since that time.
Wikipedia excerpt:
The Dyckman Farmhouse is the oldest remaining farmhouse on Manhattan island, a reminder of New York City's rural past. The Dutch Colonial-style farmhouse was built by Dutch farmer William Dyckman, circa 1784, and was originally part of several 100 acres (40 ha) of farmland owned by the family. It is now located in a small park at the corner of Broadway and 204th Street in the Inwood section of the city. The farmhouse was transferred from Dyckman family to the city of New York in 1910, which opened it as a museum in 1916. It has been a National Historic Landmark since 1967.

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