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Tue. 10 AM–4 PM
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Sat. 10 AM–4 PM
48 Wall Street
Manhattan, New York 10005
(212) 908-4110

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The Museum of American Finance (website) is a Museum in New York.
Wikipedia excerpt:
The Museum of American Finance, founded in 1988 as the Museum of American Financial History, located in New York City, is the nation's only independent public museum dedicated to celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship and the democratic free market tradition which has made New York the financial capital of the world. The Museum was chartered as an educational institution. Today, financial education is at the core of the Museum’s mission and its public programs and services. Until December 2006, the museum was located in the Standard Oil Building at 26 Broadway. It opened in a new location at 48 Wall Street on Friday, January 11, 2008, in the former headquarters of the Bank of New York.

We don't have any current exhibitions on file, most likely because we're still collecting listings.

In the meantime, check out the Museum of American Finance homepage or our exhibitions list for N.Y.-wide exhibits.

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