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A look inside the Exploratorium in the Palace of Fine Arts
The Exploratorium (website) is a Museum (Science) in San Francisco.
Official description from Exploratorium:

The Exploratorium was the brainchild of Frank Oppenheimer. At various times, Frank was a professor, a high school teacher, a cattle rancher, and an experimental physicist.

The Exploratorium is a museum of science, art, and human perception located in San Francisco, California. We believe that following your curiosity and asking questions can lead to amazing moments of discovery, learning, and awareness, and can increase confidence in your ability to understand how the world works. We also believe that being playful and having fun is an important part of the process for people of all ages.

We create tools and experiences that help you to become an active explorer: hundreds of explore-for-yourself exhibits; a Web site with over 25,000 pages of content; film screenings; workshops for lifelong learners including day camps for kids and family investigations; evening art and science events for adults—plus much more. We also create professional development programs for educators, and are at the forefront of changing the way science is taught. We share our exhibits and expertise with museums worldwide.

Wikipedia excerpt:
The Exploratorium is a museum in San Francisco full of hundreds of hands-on exhibits, most of them made onsite, that mix science and art. It also aims to promote museums as informal education centers. Founded in 1969 by the noted physicist and educator Frank Oppenheimer, the Exploratorium offers visitors a variety of ways—including exhibits, webcasts, websites and events—to explore and understand the world around them.

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Current Exhibitions

Now Ongoing
What are the essential elements of life? How can you distinguish between the living and nonliving world? You can explore these questions and more at the Exploratorium’s collection of Life Science exhibits.
Now Ongoing
Listen presents a wide range of scientific content, including the physical nature of sound, the physiology of hearing, and the capacity to listen attentively.
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