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Sun. 12 PM–4 PM
Mon. Closed
Tue. 12 PM–4 PM
Wed. 12 PM–4 PM
Thu. 12 PM–4 PM
Fri. 12 PM–4 PM
Sat. 12 PM–4 PM
1 Fort Mason Ctr Bldg C
San Francisco, San Francisco 94102
(415) 673-2200

Check the Museo ItaloAmericano website for additional hours, special pricing/discounts, and closure dates.


The Museo ItaloAmericano (website) is a Museum in San Francisco.
Official description from Museo ItaloAmericano:
The Museo Italo Americano was the first museum in the United States devoted exclusively to Italian and Italian-American art and culture. Established in 1978, the Museo Italo Americano is a non-profit institution governed by a Board of Directors. The mission of the Museo Italo Americano is twofold: to research, collect, and display works of Italian and Italian-American artists, and to promote educational programs for the appreciation of Italian art and culture, thereby preserving the heritage of Italian-Americans for future generations.
Wikipedia excerpt:
Museo ItaloAmericano, also known as the Italian American Museum, is a museum in San Francisco, California, the only to focus solely on Italian and Italian-American art and culture. The nonprofit museum was founded in 1978 and is located within the Fort Mason Center. Although the museum always holds temporary exhibits, it also maintains a permanent collection, including works by Beniamino Bufano, Francesco Clemente, Sandro Chia, Mimmo Paladino, among others. The Museo also offers a number of language classes, from beginner to advanced to casual conversation classes.

We don't have any current exhibitions on file, most likely because we're still collecting listings.

In the meantime, check out the Museo ItaloAmericano homepage or our exhibitions list for S.F.-wide exhibits.

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aGogh in S.F.

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